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These Elder Care Apps May Leave Extra Room In Your Estate Planning Budget


No matter the size of your estate, the biggest concern on your mind as you begin your estate plan is not being a burden to your family.  You may have read the New York Times article several months ago about high end assisted living facilities that make aging Baby Boomers feel like they are attending an endless rock music festival.  Of course, most of us cannot afford to have the care we need amidst dazzling illusions of agelessness and independence.  We have to work with the resources we have.  You might be as healthy as a horse now, but eventually, even if you choose to age in place in your own home, you will need help with some daily tasks.  The choice between relying on paid home health aides and relying on family members who live nearby is not as simple as it may sound.  In many cases, hiring paid caregivers on a part-time basis is the best option.  A Washington DC estate planning lawyer can help you work out the details.

Even the Most Caring Family Members Need a Respite Sometimes

The multigenerational household where everyone takes care of everyone else may sound idyllic, but caring for children and for elderly parents at the same time is a source of constant stress for many middle-aged adults.  Even the people who are most committed to their families need some help with care tasks.  According to Stephanie Dupzyk of Alice Care, an app-based service that describes itself as the Uber of elder care, most requests that the company gets are for help with bathing.  Many seniors feel more comfortable having a professional home health aide help them bathe than relying on their daughter or daughter-in-law for help.

Elder care apps like Alice Care are a more affordable way to get in-home care part time.  If you go through a conventional in-home care agency, you will need to pay for four hours of a health aide’s time even if you only need the aide to come to your house for one hour.  With Alice Care and similar elder care apps, caregivers log on when they are available, and when you need help, the nearest one comes to you.  Alice Care, which plans to expand beyond California soon, focuses on daily life tasks like bathing, but Papa Pals and Mon Ami Companions focus on social companionship.  You can hire someone to visit a few times a week to play cards with Grandpa or talk to him about his favorite subjects so he isn’t alone all day.  There are also apps like Teledoc and Spora Health, which focus on connecting seniors to affordable virtual health visits.

Contact Us Today for Help

Even if you have enough money to travel every year in retirement, estate planning means planning to need care and to receive it.  A lawyer can help you make realistic plans for living within your means during your golden years.  Contact Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. for help.



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