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If You Want To Know Why Business Disputes Arise, Look In The Mirror


Introvert versus extrovert.  Working mom versus child-free.  California sober versus 420 unfriendly.  These are the source of raging debates on the Internet, usually conducted by people who have nothing better to do but pursue unwinnable arguments.  As an entrepreneur, though, you know that business is business, and in pursuit of a successful commercial venture, entrepreneurs put aside their personal differences and do what is best to make the venture succeed.  In a perfect world, potential colleagues could be clearly divided into good guys and bad guys, and business partnerships would only ever fall apart because of bad faith actions by the bad guys or by force majeure events that tanked the economy.  Just as often, though, conflicts arise between business partners simply because of personality differences.  No business contract can make your business partner more tactful or less socially awkward, but well written business contracts can make dispute resolution easier.  If you are forming a business partnership, a Washington DC small business lawyer can help you ensure that the dispute resolution procedures in the contract are unambiguous and fair to both parties.

Good Friends, Bad Business Partners

Sometimes you have a great business relationship with colleagues with whom you would have little in common outside work.  Your esteemed colleague always responds promptly to emails, pays on time, and has introduced you to many other business contacts, but your colleague’s political views and tastes in food and music are so different from yours that you would drive each other crazy if you were roommates or in-laws.  The same thing can happen if you start a business venture with someone who has been your friend for years.  Your friend’s lack of punctuality and love of ostentation never harmed your friendship, but when your friend (who is now your business partner) shows up late to business lunches and always chooses the most expensive restaurants when your company is paying, it can erode your company’s bottom line, not to mention your patience.

Likewise, scheduling is a common cause of conflict between business partners.  If you are a morning person and your partner is a night owl, each of you could be resentful that the other apparently works so few hours.  Conversely, it could work out well, with you answering emails from clients early in the morning and your partner attending the late-night business dinners.  Good communication with your business partner is the best way to resolve conflicts.  If the conflicts get so bad that simply talking about them will not resolve them, then you have recourse to your business partnership agreement to guide you on what to do next.

Contact an Attorney for Help

Disputes among business partners sometimes arise even if you have excellent interpersonal skills.  A small business lawyer can help you resolve disputes with your business partners whether these disputes are the result of bad faith, misunderstandings, or personality conflicts.  Contact Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. for help.



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