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EEOC Issues New Documents on Specific Disabilities

We provide legal counsel and guidance to business clients on labor issues including employment, discipline and discrimination. In recent months, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued revised publications concerning protection from employer discrimination on several specific medical issues.

The four topics revised and published by the EEOC in May discuss how certain physical conditions are addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and how that affects employees and their employers. The four conditions include:

Each publication provides basic information on each condition as well as extensive material detailing the rights and protections offered to affected persons. Topics covered within each publication include:

  • Description of the condition
  • Parameters for obtaining and using medical information throughout the hiring and employment process
  • Confidentiality of medical information
  • Expected accommodations to be provided persons with an ADA covered condition
  • Specific information about when an employer may refuse to hire or terminate an individual with an ADA-covered condition for safety concerns
  • Discussion of prohibition of harassment and retaliation actions against employees
  • Directions to employees on how to file a complaint for employment discrimination

According to the EEOC, 34 million Americans have been diagnosed with one of these four conditions. These publications offer easy-to-understand guidelines to employers to ensure prohibition of discriminatory practices and provide basic information on the process for filing an employee complaint.

If you are facing an EEOC complaint or discrimination investigation, seek reputable legal advice from an experienced Washington, DC labor lawyer.

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