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Ease Your Way Into Retirement With a Manageable Decluttering Goal This Summer


Now that you are retired, you may never have to make plans or set goals again, and that is a scary thought.  You have been putting off making plans for retirement, and now that you have finished the leftover food from your retirement party, you are at loose ends.  You have already written a will, so there is no ambiguity about where your ashes will be scattered and who will inherit your property, but those things will not happen until you die.  Sitting on the couch and watching Netflix until the Grim Reaper shows up does not sound like much fun.  Deciding what to do instead is downright scary, though. You aren’t even sure if you want to stay in your house in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. or move to Florida.  Know-it-alls on the Internet will tell you that you should declutter your way toward clarity, but getting started on a big project when you are suffering from indecision is a very challenging task.  A Washington, D.C. estate planning lawyer can help you set manageable estate planning goals and work toward them.

Swedish Death Cleaning, Maryland Style

Everyone on the Internet these days is talking about Swedish death cleaning.  The clickbait version of the story goes that in Sweden, which consistently ranks in the top five countries for happiness and where everyone is ageless and gorgeous, people happily spend their golden years decluttering their houses, so that the arduous task of cleaning out a deceased relative’s house does not put a damper on the happiness of the next generation.  The only way to find out whether Swedish seniors really have as little clutter and as little fear of death as the English language press says they do, and whether their motivations for decluttering are truly altruistic is to go to Sweden and meet some seniors or traverse the blogosphere in search of blogs composed by elderly Swedes in a language you can read.

Even if you can see through clickbait exoticism, one of the principles of Swedish death cleaning can help you prepare your house for whatever you decide to do with it, whether that means staying and renting out a room or selling the house and moving to the Sun Belt.  Swedish death cleaning involves doing one decluttering task at a time, with long breaks between tasks.  In other words, declutter one area of your house, and then revisit the subject of staying in your house or moving south.  Do not start by trying to part with sentimental items.  Instead, declutter your closet and get rid of the work clothes, uncomfortable shoes, and decades-old formal wear that you have no intention of wearing again.  By the time you finish, you will have a room partially cleared out, and making the room available to a boarder will seem like a much more manageable project than it did before you started decluttering.

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