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Washington DC Business Lawyer
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Common Business Disputes

Business disputes are nearly impossible to avoid and even companies that have harmoniously done business together for years can unexpectedly find themselves embroiled in a conflict. If not handled properly, such disputes can ruin previously lucrative business relationships and cost both parties substantial time and money.

When you do find yourself involved in a major business dispute, it is important to seek the competent counsel of a Washington, DC business attorney. An experienced lawyer can clarify your position, advise you of your options, and defend your rights in court if necessary. Attorneys can also help facilitate compromise where appropriate and preserve valuable business relationships by creating mutually beneficial and fair solutions.

Business disputes can take many forms, including product warranty issues, billing and price disputes, and deadline issues. However, at their core, most such disputes stem from unclear, ambiguous, or incomplete contracts. When the parties are unable to agree on what a particular provision of a contract means, a business dispute is not far behind.

Contracts are the foundation of a worry-free and beneficial business transaction, and having one that is clear and comprehensive can go a long way towards minimizing the risk of costly business disputes. By having an experienced business attorney draft — or at least review — major contracts before signing, business owners can be apprised of potential sources of confusion or disagreement in time to negotiate appropriate changes. By being proactive in this manner, companies can preserve relationships, avoid unnecessary expense, and delay in their important business dealings.

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