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Category Archives: Wills & Trusts


Washington DC Estate Planning: How to Choose an Executor for Your Will

By Tobin O’Connor & Ewing |

When drafting your will, one of the most important decisions you have to make is who to name as your estate’s executor. After you pass away, the executor will essentially step into your shoes, which means this individual can perform legal tasks that you would have previously handled. This person can sell real estate,… Read More »

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What to Include in a Will

By Tobin O’Connor & Ewing |

Estate planning is something that many people don’t want to think about, but it’s important to ensure you have a will at a minimum. A will lets your loved ones know exactly what your wishes are regarding assets and property when you pass away. While a will won’t escape a probate hearing, it will… Read More »

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Why Use a Living Trust over a Will?

By Tobin O’Connor & Ewing |

When you’re figuring out estate planning, many people automatically default to thinking about having a will prepared. However, have you thought about a living trust? Do you know the differences and why a living trust may be a better alternative to a standard will? Without either, your estate would likely pass to your spouse… Read More »

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