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What Is A Receivership, And Why Do Businesses Use Them?

By Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. |

Not every DUI conviction results in jail time, but almost all defendants who plead guilty to drunk driving or get a guilty verdict at trial get their driver’s licenses suspended.  In many DUI cases, once you get your driver’s license back, the court requires you to use an ignition interlock device, which is a… Read More »

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What Businesspeople Should Know About Breach of Contract Lawsuits

By Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. |

Ask a student in a college of business what led them to choose their field of study, and they will probably tell you about the exciting world of business and entrepreneurship that awaits them.  They have probably heard successful entrepreneurs talk about closing a business deal that led to long-term financial stability for everyone… Read More »

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Partnership and Shareholder Disputes in a Washington DC Business

By Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. |

Business disputes are a relatively common situation, no matter whether you have a partnership or corporation. When you have multiple people trying to run a company together, there is a risk of conflicts within the business as well. Disputes between partners or shareholders are common and typically require the expertise of a skilled Washington… Read More »

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