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Bringing Your Restaurant Back To Life After The COVID Restrictions Have Been Lifted


After what feels like an eternity, masks are optional in the District of Columbia, and in-person dining is back in full swing.  Restaurant owners and their employees are eager to get back to work, and customers are more than happy to dine in, but the financial struggles that the pandemic exacerbated continue to linger.  Some restaurants have undergone a metamorphosis during the pandemic and have found new ways to operate that will enable them to save on costs, work more efficiently, and expect the unexpected.  No matter where you are in your restaurant’s reemergence after the pandemic-era shutdowns, a Washington DC small business lawyer can help you come out stronger than you were before.

The Troubled Afterlife of the Eighteenth Street Lounge

Farid Nouri opened the Eighteenth Street Lounge in 1995, and for 25 years, it was part of Adams Morgan’s club scene, always teeming with club goers and thumping with music on Friday and Saturday nights.  It boasted a different style of music on every floor, and was a destination for DJs from Washington DC and elsewhere.  In 2020, the Eighteenth Street Lounge went the way of so many entertainment venues; it terminated its lease after failure to reach an agreement with its landlord, Douglas Development, about the terms of a lease that would need to get the venue through pandemic-era uncertainty.

In June 2021, Nouri announced his plans to reopen the Eighteenth Street Lounge under the same name, but at a new location, this one a considerable distance from Eighteenth Street in Adams Morgan.  The club’s new home is on Blagden Alley in Shaw, and it is about half the size of the original venue.  Nouri expressed optimism for the Eighteenth Street Lounge’s second iteration, promising that it would still offer guests multiple levels of clubbing with various styles of music; it just scaled down its size to fit the times.  The new neighbors of the Eighteenth Street Lounge have not been universally welcoming, however.  Some argue that a noisy club like the Eighteenth Street Lounge is out of place on Blagden Alley, where the attractions include historic rowhouses and Michelin Star restaurants.  Residents of the area even claim that Nouri has gone out of his way to make himself and his club a nuisance.  Video footage shows him driving down Blagden Alley in his Tesla, blasting club music and intermittently idling in front of traffic.    A woman who lives in one of the Blagden Alley houses even alleges that Nouri intentionally hit her son’s leg with the door of his car.  Meanwhile, Nouri is involved in a separate dispute with Babylon Group, a company that plans to open a new club at the original location of the Eighteenth Street Lounge.  He claims that the new club is too similar to the original Eighteenth Street Lounge.

Contact Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. About Your Company’s Post-Pandemic Growing Pains

A Washington DC business dispute lawyer can help you if you are running into obstacles related to reopening your restaurant or entertainment venue after the COVID-19 pandemic.  Contact Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. for help with your case.




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