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Monthly Archives: December 2023


What’s With Banks Unexpectedly Closing Down Small Business Accounts?

By Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. |

Small business owners learn early on to roll with the punches.  Your shipment of crab meat didn’t come in today?  Sell lobster rolls and call it a house special.  Your French fry cook didn’t show up today?  Put on your hair net and your apron and get to frying?  The cash register doesn’t have… Read More »

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Estate Planning With an Abundance Mindset

By Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. |

The estate planning advice that is most visible to Google is geared toward people who are much wealthier than you will ever be.  The amount of money you would have to give away before maxing out your annual gift tax exclusion eligibility, and the amount of money that would still have to be in… Read More »

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HVAC Disputes and Commercial Leases

By Tobin O’Connor Concino P.C. |

Most people cannot afford to buy the apartments, houses, and commercial units where they live and work, but renting is not a perfect situation.  Everything is fine when all of the appliances and utilities in the rented space are functioning well, but when something malfunctions, the disagreements begin.  Tenants do not always have the… Read More »

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