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Monthly Archives: April 2021


When Interested Parties Disagree About The Value Of An Estate

By Tobin O’Connor & Ewing |

The tabloid headlines light up whenever a probate dispute rises over a wealthy man’s estate, especially if the parties to the dispute are the decedent’s widow and his daughter from a previous marriage. Gossip columnists love to speculate about how the feud between the two women actually began; they often attribute it to decades-old… Read More »

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Are Your Estranged Relatives Filing Objections In Probate Just To Mess With You?

By Tobin O’Connor & Ewing |

Sometimes probate disputes are just a proxy for long-standing grudges between estranged family members. Genuine disagreements about the validity or intent of the deceased person’s will or other aspects of the deceased person’s estate plan can get mixed up with anger and grief over the decedent’s death and final illness. The law requires the… Read More »

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Do Commercial Tenants Have a Duty of Care to Protect the Leased Property from Arson by a Third Party?

By Tobin O’Connor & Ewing |

Negligence is a central issue in many civil lawsuits; the plaintiff is suing the defendant for compensation for financial losses the plaintiff suffered because of something irresponsible the defendant did, or else something reasonably cautious that the defendant failed to do. In order for a plaintiff to win a lawsuit about negligence, you must… Read More »

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